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BEN Haunts the flash!

2011-12-31 16:59:26 by TheDesuLord

Hello people, This is a very serious project.
I will attempt to create a BEN Flash.
The details on what it is about is witheld due to,
I may not finish it.
What I can give out, is that.
It involves somone, ben, and a newgrounds flash.
Ben is a "being" who haunt's Majora's Mask.


2011-11-26 20:51:29 by TheDesuLord


Piano Cat time!

2011-11-11 13:17:55 by TheDesuLord

Hello all of newgrounds, I am working on a magical orchestra peice.
Inspired by the hit cat, Piano Cat, or Piano cat.
The title is "The Playfull , Mischievous Piano Cat."
Currently working on it.

Full title is Crazy Man with a Sad past, Which I don't think would fit in the full title.
There is instruments, the main, keeps a mainly "yeah he's crazy" feel. while the rest well, you know, haha.

Pie is made


2011-11-08 22:45:12 by TheDesuLord

Apparently as of recently seen in my latest submission, people don't read them.
It's like half of the internet has Autism (No offence to those who actually have it)

The Sytrus Project

2011-10-19 19:10:30 by TheDesuLord

The Idea here is I am making a dance song, the first in a while because I was in a slump.
The reason why I call it "The Sytrus Project" Is that the instruments in the song are all
It is currently In the making, so please bear with it. I haven't made one in a while

Zero Bombers

2011-07-28 06:25:59 by TheDesuLord'd

Hello Newgrounds!

2011-07-12 07:47:12 by TheDesuLord

Surprised with how popular DESU usually is. That No one made this account.
Well to keep it short.
I like creating music, Mostly revolving around Electronica. Sometimes Classical.

Hello Newgrounds!