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So what if it's april 2nd, so what if april fools was yesterday.....
Well Piss off to you ass fag.
I already got my joke in ~ You gave enough of a shit to read this post.

Fuck*Ng yEAh Bro!
I am currently in the works of my first flash animation!
Using the RicePirate's Voice Acting reel of Fuck*Ng Aggron!
Fuck your god damn pukeajew's
Aggrons for life~

Holy fucking shit!
I've had Adobe Flash since it was CS3 (i have it now at CS 5.5 ) =This is purchased :> !
I know I've ranted a post earlier about it "A flash revovling around BEN from MAJORAS MASK".
That project is CANCELLEDuntil I get better with flash!
However since I just got over my animation bump (Lip-synch), I will make my first flash!
I can't tell you when it's released, because hell I don't even fucking know! But it's on the way!
But here is what I can tell you greedy bastards! (or post stalkers ).
I selected a Voice Actor's Clip from Newgrounds, I will not post who it is, Nor will I revise because someone want's to have theirs done.
When the flash is 50% done, and with the Voice Actor's Permission I will post a WIP of it !
What the fuck will be done at 50% you say? I'LL TELL YOU SO READ UP!
1.) The main characte
r- Colored, fully animated, shaded, and super duper swagg! (20%cooler) <Don't be hatin!
2.) Side character(s)- The first one will be fully animated, shaded, and all that nice-ass stuff mentioned above, but not all of them.
3.) Backgrounds - This is where I get lazy, IF they are developed enough, past the point of "Troll flasher" I will include them, Otherwise you will have a nice Christmas snow background. If you didn't get it- IT IS WHITE !
Top 5 reasons for- Why the fuck should you care?
1.) Voice actor's clip is - Fucking hilarious!
2.) Graphics will be off the walls (considering I am a newbie! ) (better than the derp flashes!)
3.) [Insert a comment about your mom hating you if you don't]
5.) I am a newbie! Don't you wan't to see this epicocity!
For now No Music will be rolling off my train!
Befriend me if you wish to keep track....
Comment if you fucking feel like it, or just go to the next Post.
Or just be a douchebag like the rest of the internet and post hate that helps no one!
Also I will be tributing this flash to Edd Gould!

Final Fantasy X-2: Eternity~ Completed~ A Tribute to Edd Gould

2012-03-28 22:43:15 by TheDesuLord
I have finished it~ I know it was short compared to fall of 2012, but I just had endless ideas on it and it went by fast.
This is Dedicated to the Newgrounds flash artist- Edd Gould of Eddsworld.
May his soul R.I.P.

Final Fantasy X-2: Eternity~ Song I will Tribute to Edd Gould

2012-03-27 21:35:03 by TheDesuLord

Edd Gould~
I am deeply filled with sorrow upon hearing the news.
In turn for him providing me, and others with so much joy and laughter at expense of his free time.
I will dedicate my next song, In his memory, the reason being..
I was listening and adjusting my music and equalizing the instruments.
When I decided to open up my browser to check my Newgrounds.
The song made me remember the good and cheerful times, the joy of his silly cartoons.
I did not know him personally, but that does not stop the sorrow.
I am not saying every newgrounds user should make a tribute, but somehow this is something that
I feel I must do.
~Rest In Peace
Edd Gould
Song Progress: 95%
Start Date: 3/26/2012
Days spent: 1

Game: Final Fantasy X-2
Song: Eternity - "Memories of Light and Waves"
-I am planning to make my own version of Eternity - "Memories of Light and Waves".
-The Idea here is for a sense of slumber, or a farewell, or the final words of a loved one before the death.
I will Not be releasing Demo's of this song as I progress.
The reasoning, is I want to be Self Inspired, letting my own unique sound flow.
I will spend a-lot of my free time on this song, trying to make it perfect in equalization, and ensure the best quality no matter the quality of the speakers/ headphones.
I will stick to the song while adding my own touch- so don't be upset if "Hey this part doesn't end there". As I stated, I am not trying to mimic the song note for note.
I will not give an estimated release date, because I have found- If I do happen to procrastinate during this production, and realize the deadline is arriving, it will make the song suffer greatly.
The only thing I can assure you, It will be before falls end, at the latest start of the new year of 2013
Until the release of this piece, I will not post any music on here, however I will keep the status updated
I am proud to present a hard worked on Re-Make of
Kakariko Village from Ocarina of time.
This project required my full attention as even the slightest failure would
make me redo it from scratch.
I had to do this by ear, so it was very tough distinguishing some notes.
I dedicated a full hour in Mixing/ Optimizing and equalizing so the song sounds great on ALL
levels. even if you have laptop speakers!

Ocarina Time!

2012-03-06 01:59:56 by TheDesuLord

Going to spend alot of time re-working some songs =D

The Final Dance,,,

2012-01-24 21:40:04 by TheDesuLord

I am currently working on a project invovling a song from Majora's Mask-
Song "The Final Hours"
I havent touched dance in months. So I will be a bit rusty