Desu~ Dare I say more ~desu?

2012-04-10 02:32:51 by TheDesuLord

My flash project is on hold till I can get some tablets of win.
~ It's not like I'm being lazy or anything, hmph!~
Meanwhile, I am planning to make a dance version of STONE TOWER TEMPLE.
I know this has been done by many, however I will follow my own newfound style.
It will not have your typical dance Intro/buildup/break/Boom/BLahblahblah. ~desu-nee?
This is a self inspired style, which will make you think ITS GONNA GO ALL OUT.
But then it wont, But then keep on listening. But then you'd probably Zero-bomb it because of the in-capability of your ability to listen. <Lol>.
I can tell you this,
In the song I have the original melody kicked in with some new synths :D
It's not like I want you to listen to it or anything, what would make you believe that~ Baka!


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